Dough Little Sensory Box (Betty Butterfly)

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Let your little one explore how a little egg transforms into a beautiful butterfly! An amazing box to explore metamorphosis with. Dough Little Sensory Boxes combine the wonder of 100% natural play dough with fun toys that are carefully curated, in extraordinary themes that represent concepts of science and life. 

Dough Little’s open-ended sensory play approach enhances IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY, FINE MOTOR DEVELOPMENT, VOCABULARY, CONCENTRATION, LITERACY AND NUMERACY. All of which are fundamental for a child's development in her early years. 

The boxes are effective, handy and FUN solutions during travel, meal times and quiet times.


- 1x100g of Pink Dough, Rose Flavoured.
- 1x100g of Green Dough, Peppermint Flavoured.
- 3 Toy Butterflies and various items to complement the theme.


Store play dough in their current box or in air tight containers to keep them fresh for up to 6 months! Contents may vary slightly from box to box and may not exactly match pictures seen. Items in boxes may pose as choking hazards and are therefore unsuitable for children below 3 years old.  

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